130 thousand cars enter Yemen illegally

National Yemen

Taxi Raha a photo from Archie

BY NY Staff

The Customs Department has announced that 130,000 cars have been smuggled into the country. Mohammed Mansour Zammam, chairman of the department, said that the initial estimates indicated that the cars were either smuggled into the country or that outdated licenses had been used to get them in.

“Two weeks ago, the department issued a new law for customs tariffs and stated that it would be open to accepting different models of cars, new and old ones,” added the chairman.

In his speech, Zammam said that even while they had enacted a law preventing the importation of cars older than 2002, the law had been modified to allow importation with a customs tariff in accordance with World Trade Organization requirements.

“The demarcation process for cars is carried out in nine centers in various governorates,” Zammam noted.

A meeting is being prepared for the Ministry of Industry and car agencies to discuss suitable procedures for resending any shipments of cars which fall below the requirements. At the expense of the shipping company, the shipments are to be sent back to their country of origin.


  • Yemen is my country and I am proud to be Yemeni but the corruption within the government never leaves.
    Rashwa it came from the government is self and they are the one who is doing all this.

    If you need to breathe you have to pay RASHWA this is very shameful.
    I hope one day the government one day will correct this corruption.