20 megawatts of electricity to Marib, reports minister

National Yemen

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BY NY Staff

Minister of Electricity and Energy Saleh Sumee’a announced that upon the directions of President Hadi, Marib governorate had been supplied with 20 megawatts of electricity.

During a visit to Marib governorate, Minister Sumee’a, accompanied by governor Sultan Al-Arada, laid the foundation stone for a transfer station to cover the governorate’s electricity needs.

Sumee’a, himself a former governor of Marib governorate, stressed the importance of cooperation between the citizens and government in both accomplishing projects and fighting against destructive operations against electricity lines and oil pipelines.

The power lines have been regularly attacked during an extended period of loose security, leading to daily 12-hour power outages in southern governorates.

The frequent power cuts in southern provinces can also be linked with increasing temperatures – up to 42 ℃ – which can put stress upon power lines.