Dialysis department in Ibb closes doors, patients left waiting

National Yemen

Dialysis patients left waiting in Ibb

By NY Staff

Renal failure patients were shocked to see that the dialysis department at Ibb’s Al-Thawra Public Hospital had been closed due to a lack of necessary lotions and medicines. A number of patients reported that it wasn’t the first time such a thing had happened, and that many people had died before following continuous department closings.

Ahmed Ali Qa’asha, General Manager of Al-Thawra Hospital, that the department stopped working because the company which supplies the hospital with specific lotions and medicines refused to provide anything until the hospital had paid off its debts.

According to Qa’asha, the head of the dialysis department went to Dhamar province to retrieve the lotions but was then told he couldn’t have them. From there, he traveled to Hodeida governorate to get the supplies there.  “Renal failure patients will receive immediate treatment as soon as we receive the lotions and medicines,” stated hospital general manager Ahmed Ali.

Even before this incident, the department has been unable to deal with an increasing number of renal failure patients arrviving from different places in the governorate.