Otma protectorate in the throes of lawlessness

National Yemen

Otma protectorate

By: Abdulsamad Naji Al-Samadi

The many speeches and news reports concerning successful efforts by the military commission in greatly reducing armed presences in Sana’a and other governorates do not seem to be applicable to Otma protectorate. People there suffer from genuine state of crisis as a result of constant roadblocks, car theft, and the intimidation of citizens, which all results in an almost complete paralysis of individuals’ daily lives.

Such illegal actions have turned the whole place into a large prison where no person can leave his district; nor can anyone coming from another location return to his home. What makes it worse is that people from the directorate have also started undertaking such criminal actions with the belief that they are achieving some sort of heroism and popularity. The many cases that have recently taken place clearly show that concerned people and authorities are not living up to their responsibilities towards the protectorate and its people.

The problems that the directorate suffers from  show that those supporting the former regime and revolution-aligned forces have failed to enforce their control over the protectorate. The problems also indicate that there is a third party which works hard to worsen people’s already difficult circumstances . All sides have ignored the fact that the protectorate has suffered the consequences of a political crisis, one which people continue to pay dearly for.

Having said all this, I call upon the Minister of the Interior, to the military commission and to all involved political forces, NGOs and human rights organizations to investigate what is happening in the protectorate. They all must take up their responsibility towards eliminating the problem.