Total holds blood drive

National Yemen

Blood Donation Day in Total E&P Yemen

By Asmaa al-Mahatwari

In an unprecedented initiative, Total E & P Yemen organized a blood donation day to coincide with the World Day for Blood Donation. The event was held at company headquarters on June 13, 2012.

Fauzi Barahim, director of the National Center for Blood Transfusion, said the Total Initiative for Blood Donation was appreciated. “It is a kind invitation and we are really so happy because of such awareness,” he said.

Barahim said the World Day for Blood Donation reminds communities of the importance of blood donation. “I asked all the companies to follow in Total steps, to take them as an example, and I appreciated the participation by Total employees,” he added.

Speaking at the occasion, the Acting Managing Director, Mr. Michel Deschamps, said: “It is part of our social responsibility to look into the needs of the society at all levels. Today, we are responding to an important health demand: donating blood to save lives. I am happy to see employees so motivated to donate blood and we reached 64 blood units at the conclusion of this campaign.”

The National Center for Blood Transfusion and Research will distributes these life-saving donations free of charge to around 180 needy people.

For her part, public relations officer Najla Ibrahim said Total is interested in charity work in partnership with various civil society organizations.

“We’ve had many activities, but they were internal; but this time, we asked the media to come because Total wants to send a message to others to make them aware of the importance of blood donation,” she said.