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Yemeni cleric urges Hadi to enter talks with Al-Qaeda

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Shaikh Azandani request Hadi to apply Sharee'a

By NY staff

This past Thursday, well-known Yemeni cleric and Preparatory Committee Deputy Chief Aqil Al-Maqtari, called on President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi to hold talks with representatives from the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda. Al-Maqtari also condemned what he termed “double standards” by the United States when dealing with militant groups.

In his Friday sermon, he said the US had accepted entering into dialogue with Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan while it rejected such involvement elsewhere, and wondered aloud why such double standards existed if the nation’s intent was to restore stability and security to particular nations.

Al-Maqtari revealed that the Yemeni Clerics Association (YCA) has called on President Hadi to implement Allah’s sharia (Islamic law) and attributed problems and dilemmas currently facing Yemen a failure to implement God’s orders.

He urged the government to put a stop to bloodshed and to hold talks with responsible parties so that attacks would stop, and condemned crimes committed against soldiers at Al-Sabeen square and elsewhere in Yemen.

“The YCA also urged the government to reestablish its authority in all areas of the country as well as to restore security, stability and order,” said Al-Maqtari.

“Iran is currently attempting to strengthen its sway in Yemen through support of a number of militant groups so that it may carry out its agendas,” he added.

“Dear brothers, opposed to what media outlets are portraying, Iran and the United states have no real enmity between themselves; the proof of this is that the US categorized the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK) – which bears great animosity towards Iran – as a terrorist organization, while many organizations supported by Iran are not categorized as terrorist organizations,” Al-Maqtari said.

Al-Maqtari added that Iran is being used by the US as a diversion for oil-producing Gulf Cooperation Council states so that will be able to continue exploiting such countries and furthering its own interests.