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Eclectic band celebrates International Music Day

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By YN Staff

Music has a multitude of different effects on peoples’ feelings. While some Yemenis don’t see the importance of music, still there are some youths who do care and who attempt to convey their own personal messages to others through music.

The band named 3 Meters Away celebrated International Music Day at the national museum. Ahmed Asery celebrated the day with his fellow band members and those in attendance.

The musicians introduce every musical instrument they played to the audience. Some of them are used in Yemen, while others are not. Among the musical instruments used by the band were the saxophone, termbon, alxalefon, piano and accordion.

Asery said the band’s aim is to allow all people to know and understand music. “Every kind of music has its own massage to convey to people,” he said.

Alma, a member of the band, said that they started in 2010 and have more members around the world. “We are depending on ourselves, as we have no support from anyone. What we want is to let people care about music,” she said.

Band leader Asery’s succinct message? “Music is peace and love.”