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Explosive devices found in Mukalla house raid

National Yemen

wires,batteries and explosive devices used to be in the hands of al-Qeada militants

By NY Staff

During a raid of a house in Mukalla, Hadhramout governorate, local security forces seized a large amount of materials generally used in the construction of explosive devices. Eyewitnesses said the military had launched a raid against a house in Asharg district, a location linked with Al-Qaeda militants.

Eyewitnesses said they saw a huge number of security forces carrying out guns, ammunition, and more than 25 bombs, in addition to a number of materials such as wires and batteries that are used in the construction of explosive devices. A number of gas cylinders were also reportedly carried out of the house.

A local source said that the security forces had captured one of the most-wanted militants in the raid.

According to the source, the explosive devices were expected to have been used in attacks against military sites or locations in Mukalla.