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Hadi: Higher committee preparations on schedule

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President Hadi meets with Americana Ambassador

BY NY Staff

During a meeting with ambassadors of permanent United Nations member nations and Gulf country representatives, president Hadi said that efforts were already underway to form a higher commission for the upcoming National Dialogue Conference, in accordance with the GCC initiative timeline.

Sheba news reported that Hadi declared that efforts will continue, even while obstacles towards reaching a political settlement in Yemen remain. Hadi also called on various political segments and forces to have good intentions towards the nation’s security and stability.

“All political forces should make more efforts and should be more cooperative with each other,” he said.

Regarding terrorist groups that were defeated in the southern part of the country, Hadi said that would deal seriously with such enemies, until they had been fully defeated and stability and security and been restored to the country.

The ambassadors and Gulf country representatives present at the meeting praised the Yemeni army’s victories against the terrorist group and said they reflected Hadi’s strong will. The army victories were cited as cause to believe the way had been paved for displaced residents to begin returning to their homes in Abyan.