Hadi: Terrorism has “paralyzed”economy

National Yemen

President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi

By: Abdurrahman Shamlan
Yemeni President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi said on Tuesday that terrorism had paralyzed the flow of economic and investment in Yemen, the Saba news agency reported.
In a meeting with Boris Ruge, the Director General for the Near and Middle East and North Africa at the German Foreign Affairs Ministry, Hadi said that tourism, industry, investment and gas and petrol production had been severely hit by terrorism.
Hadi underlined the need for the “ugly disease of terrorism” to be uprooted and called on the international community to assist Yemen in its efforts to eradicate terrorism. In his comments, he effectively spoke of sabotage attacks as existing under the umbrella of terrorism.
“The economy is the essence of our problem, and what causes it to deteriorate are frequent sabotage attacks on infrastructure – especially power supply lines and oil pipelines,” he said.
“Today we stand before historic achievements that will determine the future of the country, which will be dependent on wise governance.”
For his part, Ruge offered his country’s “sincere condolences” for the death of Southern Military Region commander Salem Qatan, who was killed by a suicide bomber in Aden on Monday. The German official also expressed his nation’s commitment to assisting Yemen in its efforts to transition into a prosperous state.
Ruge indicated that a foreign affairs ministerial committee had been tasked with discussing various aspects of cooperation between the two countries next month in Germany.
Hadi stood at the forefront of officials, military officers and others in attendance at Qatan’s funeral procession. The slain official’s body was airlifted to his home village in the southeastern province of Shabwa for burial on Saturday.

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