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Mareb Press chief editor called before Press Court for fourth time

National Yemen

Mareb Press Chief Editor Mohammed Al-Salehi

By: NY Staff

Mareb Press chief editor Mohammed Al-Salehi has been called up by prosecution from the Press Court for the fourth time, with all cases having been directed against the news website. The most recent suit was brought forward by Abdullah Ghaleb Al-Kaboudi, financial department director for the Ministry of Finance, and former oil minister Omar Al-Arhabi.

In this latest case, the press court has investigated the Mareb Press chief editor for involvement in a meeting held to prepare riots against the National Unity Government.

The Mareb Press website called upon the Yemeni Press Syndicate and all human rights activists for quick actions against what he called “campaigns launched against the press and journalists by the press court.”

The website condemned the use of the judiciary system to further personal interests and put down those who revealed violations against protesters in the youth revolution.

“It is not fair to prosecute and push down those who revealed violations against protesters in the youth revolution. It is not fair to prosecute those in the press that revealed violations against protesters while doing nothing against those who incited against the demonstrators,” read the website statement.

The site expressed a conviction that such actions amount to clear-cut proof that the former regime continues to exist, as well as that the National Unity Government is helpless in the face of violations committed against media outlets and journalists who stood in support of the revolution.