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Salafi political party officially announced

National Yemen

Conference of officially announcing Al-Rashad political party

By: Mohammed Al-Ahmedi

Abdulwahab Al-Homeqani, secretary general of the Rashad Yemeni Party, has announced that it, Yemen’s first Salafi party has launched and has been legally licensed.

“It is officially licensed as it has met all requirements and procedures, and 45 days have passed without any rejection having been received by the parties commission,” stated Al-Homeqani.

In a press release, Al-Homeqani said that as secretary general for the party, he was tasked with following up  on official licensing procedures and that of Sunday, the 17th of June, the Rashad Yemeni Party had achieved the status of an official Yemeni political party.

Al-Homeqani cited article number 14 of the Parties and Political Organization’s Law, which states that the parties commission has the right to reject any request for the establishment of parties in 45 days following an official party request.

According to article 30 of the law, a party has the right to begin engaging in political activities 45 days after providing requests for the establishment of a party as long as the commission had not rejected such moves.

“The party must publish the documents related to the establishment of the party in an official newspaper and that party should pay the expenses to publish them in the official newspaper,” reads article 30.

The party was established, even while a number of its founding members defected, as stood in opposition to the results of meetings by the preparatory commission, the election of a general secretary and of higher panelists late last April.

The defections did not affect the necessary procedures to officially announce the party, which represent a first step towards participation in the upcoming National Dialogue Conference.

It is worth mentioning that during a preparatory conference, Salafi groups announced in mid-March their intention to participate in the political realm by way of the establishment of  a political entity to be called the Al-Rashad party.

Party representatives have stated that this early development followed broad consultations with Salafis throughout Yemen.


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