Yemeni youth ready themselves for national dialogue

National Yemen

Together for Yemen, Youth slogan

By: Sultan Qtran

A workshop was launched last week to discuss the youth agenda in relation to joining and participating in the upcoming National Dialogue Conference. The workshop, sponsored by the General Union for Yemeni Youth in cooperation with the National Organization for Societal Development, saw more than forty participants for various governorates and went under the title “Dialogue to Rebuild.”

At the opening celebration, Shura Council member Dr. Ahmed Al-Asbahi stressed the importance of adopting forgiveness towards all those set to take part in the national dialogue. “Forgiveness is the first step towards conducting a fruitful dialogue, and is so important for the interests of the country and its people,” said Al-Asbahi.

According to Al-Asbahi, the most important factors for the dialogue conference’ success included a full understanding of the country’s interests and forgiveness between all political forces. Al-Asbahi said that all people should never forget how the political and economic crisis affected Yemen and almost dragged the nation into civil war.

NODS Chairman Shawqi Al-Qadhi spoke about the importance of the youth’s role in constructing the framework of the coming future and in forming an agenda for the dialogue. “This workshop is to be considered a key point to allow the youth who will build Yemen do so according to their will,” he said.

In this regard, Adeeb Al-Hashedi, Head of the Educational Department in the General Union for Yemeni Youth, confirmed that the youth would be able to achieve where their predecessors had failed. According to him, it is necessary for there to be differences between the different segments of the Yemeni society – but that they should be “positive differences.”

President Hadi has stated that Yemeni unity is a nonnegotiable condition for holding the National Dialogue Conference. “The dialogue will exclude no-one and all cases can be discussed except those which aim to divide Yemen,” said Hadi.