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Abyan citizens killed by Al-Qaeda landmines

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Al-Qaeda Landmines Explode in Abyan Province

By: NY Staff

In total, around 35 civilians have reportedly been killed as a result of landmine explosions in Abyan governorate. The landmines were planted by Al-Qaeda militants before their departure from area strongholds.

Sheikh Ghassan Al-Sheidh, Deputy Chief of Zunjubar Municipality, said that 27 people had been killed by such explosions since Al-Qaeda militants had been cleared from the area.

Local citizen Mohsen Saleh said that nine citizens had died on the same day and that the Yemeni army had failed remove all the landmines. “Al-Qaeda militants planted them in all the city’s streets, leaving them near-destroyed; it’s part of the reason why people didn’t return to the city until now,” he said.

Speaking about the recent campaign launched by military and tribal forces against Al-Qaeda since May 12th, human rights activist Waheed Abdullah said, “567 were killed in the battles, 429 of whom were Al-Qaeda militants; the rest were soldiers.”