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Cleaners announce comprehensive strike

National Yemen

mohammed Almarzoqi, Chairman of The Housing and Municipality Union

By: Bushra Al-Ameri

The Housing and Municipality Workers’ union has called on its workers to ready themselves for a comprehensive strike, set to begin on Thursday. In a press release, the union stated that the planned strike came after the period allocated for officially hiring cleaners came to an end with no discernible results.

“Despite the government’s officially-announced decision, workers did not receive their rights and the problem continues,” stated the release. “Workers suffer from many other problems, including delayed payments, and not being provided with needed equipment and petrol for the vehicles.”

Union Chairman Mohammed Al-Marzooqi appealed to Prime Minister Basindowa to immediately interfere and urge the ministerial committee to issue a decision. Al-Marzooqi stated that the union rejects any modification of or delay in a decision, and for any reason.

“Workers are fed up with procrastination in response to their case,” he added.  He called on people in different segments of society to truly stand by the workers, to help them receive their full rights, and to hold concerned authorities accountable for the consequences of the planned strike