Donors meeting postponed, government outlines development plan

National Yemen

Freinds of Yemen Meeting

By: Abdurrahman Shamlan
A government official stated on Thursday that the Friends of Yemen donors meeting had been postponed and rescheduled for September of this year. The meeting was set to take place this past Wednesday.
The state-run newspaper 26 cited a government official who said the Friends of Yemen Meeting would be held in early September in the Saudi capital of Riyadh. The official also stated that the government plans to present a development plan to potential donor countries.
The official stated that Yemen’s Stability and Development plan, which was approved by the cabinet on Tuesday, represents the central program to be presented at the meeting.
Speaking about the government-approved plan, he noted that it aimed to restore political and economical stability and security during the nation’s transitional stage, which lasts until 2014.
The official said that the National Unity Government is focused on several priorities which are hoped to help the nation overcome the ill effects of a period of prolonged political crisis. The priorities include a continuation of the peaceful transfer of power, the establishment of security and stability, the achievement of political stability, and responding to emergency humanitarian needs.
Further aims of the plan include the implementation of a mid-term economic recovery program, the stimulation of economic growth in order to reduce the soaring unemployment rate, working to achieve the youth’s aspirations, strengthening the private sector’s role and improving conditions for potential investment.