Investment projects expected to produce jobs

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Investment projects in Yemen

By: NY Staff

Anis Awadh Ba-Haretha, acting president of the General Investment Authority, has stated that Yemen stands to benefit from valuable investment projects, a much-needed upside to a more than a year of political instability.

Ba-Haretha noted that around 17 investment projects had been licensed during the first quarter of 2012, with total capital reaching YR 46 billion. “These projects, distributed over nine different governorates, will provide more than 900 job opportunities,” he added.

According to Ba-Haretha, the authority has prepared a promotional plan for the coming two years. With aims to attract investment in Yemen, the plan calls for commercials designed to convey a positive picture of the nation.

Ba-Haretha noted that a good number of investment projects which had suspended operations during the past year were again functioning and that many of the employees have had their jobs restored. “We expect to provide around 20,000 job opportunities connected with the projects,” he added.

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