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New passports to be printed

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Yemeni Passport

By: NY Staff

Abdulkader Qahtan, Yemen’s Interior Minister, attended a signing ceremony for the Immigration and Passport Authority and the American Banknotes Company, which is now set to begin printing around one million and 30 thousand new passports. The total cost of the new passports will be $3 million, and they will be ready within eight months’ time.

After signing the contract, Qahtan said the new generation of passports would be made using high standards and security marks that will be difficult to falsify. “The old ones had security marks which prevented falsifications until the present moment, but the new passports will have new signs that meet up-to-date security requirements,” noted the Interior Minister.

According to Qahtan, the printing contract came as the result of a bidding process that was won by the American Banknotes Company, which prints passports for more than 40 countries worldwide.

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  • Finally the new passports of Yemen are going out. They are under process of preparation. As they get a cost of $3 million. As they are ready to pay for it too. Looks good for the Yemen people. And the project is in the hands of America as they won the contact so all the best America.