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Tribesmen ambush political delegation

National Yemen

Yemeni Tribesmen

By: Abdurrazaq Al-Az’azy

A delegation from the Unionist Nazareth political party was ambushed by tribesmen in Sa’ada’s Osaimat district as they returned home following a visit to a party branch.

The delegation was reportedly intercepted and threatened with death. Moreover, the delegation’s car was seized by armed tribesmen, as were cameras, cell phones and other personal items.

A delegation representative stated that they could identify the offenders and the tribal sheikh who sent them, before noting that the latter is one of the region’s influential sheikhs.

The delegation consisted of three party members including Assistant Secretary General for the party Hamid Asem, Secretariat member Hashim Al-Az’azy and Abdulkareem Al-Shara’aby, a member of the Supreme Inspection Committee.