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Following arrests, Hadi meets with top security officials

National Yemen

President Abd Raboo Mansour Hadi

By: NY Staff

The Ministry of Defense has announced that 10 individuals believed to be connected with the terrorist bombing at Sana’a’s Al-Sabeen Square have been arrested. Sources said the arrested individuals had been planning to carry out further attacks against government institutions in the capital city.

President Hadi received Ali Mohammed Al-Anesi, president of the National Security Agency, and Ghaleb Motahar Al-Qamesh, president of the Political Security Agency, who presented detailed reports of the arrests. The report delivered by the two security officials included a detailed overview of the terrorist cell which planned and carried out Southern military commander Salem Qatan.

In this regard, President Hadi received President of National Security Agency Ali Mohammed Al-Anesi and President of the Political Security Agency Ghaleb Motahar Al-Qamesh who presented a detailed report of the arrest of the terrorist cell including the one that planned for the explosion in last May.  The report also included a detailed explanation of arresting the cell that planned for assassinating Southern military commander Salem Qaten.