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Activists demand security director’s firing

National Yemen

Rizaq al-Joufi

By: Mousa Al-Nemrany

A number of human rights organizations and revolutionary councils have demanded that Interior Minister Abdulkader Qahtan remove Secretariat Security Director Rezq Saleh Al-Jaofi from his post on the basis of his anti-revolution attitudes and actions.

In a letter sent to the minister, various organizations stated that Al-Jaofi had deployed all manner of security forces against revolutionary youths and had committed many crimes against them, including but not limited to arbitrary detentions, murder, kidnapping and torture. The organizations stated that they held all concerned authorities accountable for having failed to take any actions against him.

Lawyer Saleem Allaw stated that a number of activists are currently conducting various campaigns aiming for Al-Jaofi’s prosecution and firing.

“Organizations have documented many crimes against innocent people and revolutionary youths, crimes which were conducted by Al-Jaofi… he cannot go unpunished,” said Allaw.

The letter was signed by officials from the Hood Organization for Defending Human Rights, Himayah Organization for Human Rights, Sawasieh Organization for Development and Justice, as well as officials from a number of revolutionary boards and councils.

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