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Al-Qaeda source: latest Saudi Consul video release is “old”

National Yemen

SAUDI Consular Abdullah Al-Khalidi

By NY Staff

A source from the Ansar Al-Sharia terrorist organization has stated that the latest video recording released on the internet featuring kidnapped Saudi Consul Abdullah Al-Khalidi is old and was taken more than one month ago.

The source noted that the video was  made on May 20th and also that three different scenes had been recorded.

“The first scene showed Al-Khalidi appealing to the Saudi King for help in obtaining his release; the second showed him condemning the king; in the third scene, Al-Khalidi appeared to be in good health, and he said that the terrorist organization would kill him if Saudi authorities did not respond to their demands.”

According to the source, Al-Khalidi is being held in a rural area in Shabwa province, and because he had been moved many times from Ja’ar to Azzan, and then to a mountain area in Abyan, Al-Khalidi’s health had deteriorated.

“His glasses were broken when he was moved one of the times, and the organization sent one of its members to buy him a new pair in Aden.”

Al-Khalidi’s arrest by the Al-Qaeda affiliate led Saudi authorities to close their embassy in Sana’a, in addition to consulates in different provinces, all to remain closed until the situation has met its conclusion. The closings have caused thousands of Yemenis to potentially miss Omra pilgrimages to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. For this reason, hundreds of Yemenis have protested and marched in order to get the attention of concerned authorities.