Industrial association demands support domestic oil sector

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By NY Staff

The Director General and Vice-Chairman of the Yemeni Industrial Association recently met with Oil and Minerals Minister Hisham Sharaf to demand that the authority and allowances enjoyed by diesel distributors be lowered.

The minister, who promised to reply as soon as possible regarding the demand, recently received a letter from the association asking him to cancel funds allocated to agents working as go-betweens for companies and consumers, as the association sees that companies pay too much while the consumers consistently get away with paying too little.

The government currently imports a significant amount of diesel from western or foreign countries. Meanwhile, oil sector officials have been attempting to strike a balance local production and consumption and the importation of foreign oil.

An association official said, “Unlike Yemeni producers who are forced to pay dearly for their production, the producers of foreign goods enjoy the support of their own governments.” The official added that the absence of basic necessities such as electricity and oil derivatives only increase the suffering of Yemeni producers