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Military spokesman discusses developments in fight against Al-Qaeda

By NY Staff

General Ali Saeed Obaid, official spokesman for the military committee tasked with restoring security in Yemen, recently spoke about a government plan to eliminate tribal support for the terrorist organization.

He also confirmed that the Ministry of Defense had approved sending further military support to join in the military campaign targeting fleeing Al-Qaeda affiliate Ansar Al-Sharia

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General Ali Saeed Obaid

leaders and fighters.

General Obaid stated that most of the areas which witnessed armed conflict between the army and Ansar Al-Sharia had been cleared of landmines planted by the terrorist fighters before their withdrawal. “Azzan district in Shabwa governorate has been completely cleared of Al-Qaeda fighters,” he added.

The official spokesperson said the military victory over the terrorist organization had raised the spirits of soldiers and military units engaged in the fight against Al-Qaeda.

Regarding Al-Qaeda elements currently on the loose,  Obaid said, “Those who fled from Abyan are residing in some villages and mountainous areas near Abyan governorate.”

The Ministry of Defense announced last Tuesday that 73 people – including 23 soldiers – had been killed by landmine explosions. They also announced that specialized teams have removed 3,119 landmines from Zanzibar’s streets and government institutions.