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Transitional Justice Law to be discussed before Parliament later this month

National Yemen

Minister of Legal Affairs Mohammed Al-Mekhlafi

By NY Staff

Legal Affaris Minister Mohammed Al-Mekhlafi has stated that he expects the Transitional Justice Law to be discussed by President Hadi and Prime Minister Basindowa before the House of Representatives later this month. The law was returned to President Hadi and Prime Minister Basindowa for review following disputes it caused among ministers earlier this year.

Al-Mekhlafi said the law is an important part of the national reconciliation framework and that it is important for the transitional phase to meet with success. “The law will provide a safe path for the National Dialogue Conference,” he said.

According to Al-Mekhlafi, fundamental disputes over the law are regarding the timeframe, the achievement of justice for those who have suffered losses since the establishment of the Yemeni Republic and responding to ongoing injustices that have continued up until the present time.

The Council of Ministers referred the Transitional Justice Law project to President Hadi and Prime Minister Basindowa on May 29, 2012, when the new government ministers failed to make a decision regarding the law. Ministers then disagreed over a number of issues including the period of execution for the law, which board would oversee its implementation, compensation for victims, judiciary procedures and where final reports from the board should go.

According to the time-sensitive GCC initiative mechanism, the reconciliation government should reach a consensus when it makes decisions. It also provides that in the event that a consensus is lacking among members of government, the issue would then be referred to the president and prime minister for a final decision. The president is officially in charge of making a final decision if he and the prime minister fail to agree one way or the other.