Oil Minister: Marib oil pipeline to be fixed in a week

National Yemen

Oil Minister Hisham Shara

By YN Staff

The Minister of Oil and Minerals said on Saturday that the Marib-Ras Isa oil pipeline – is set to be fixed in a week’s time.

During a meeting with administration officials from Safer Exploration and Production Company, Hisham Sharaf said that oil would begin to be pumped in from Marib by the end of the following week.

Sharaf said that Marib oil is one of the country’s most significant economic resources, yearly providing roughly $3 billion.

Technical teams have been finishing repairs on pipelines damaged by no less than 18 attacks; four other sites needing repairs are set to be fixed in the coming few days, according to a military official.

The government is determined to deal strictly with anyone who intends to attack the pipeline, he added.

The Marib oil pipeline has been the target of many sabotage attacks, which led to an extended year-plus halt in the pumping of oil, a matter which has caused Yemen losses of up to $15 million a day.