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Protests of Southern Movement Supporters

By: NY Staff

Thousands of Hadhrami citizens – including prominent Southern Movement figures – participated in a massive march last Thursday which began in front of the Al-Itmad Hotel in the city of Al-Mukalla.

During the march, participants raised southern flags, photo sof Ali Salem Al-Beidh and photos of “martyrs,” including those featuring Ahmed Al-Qam’a.  They also raised a number of banners expressing their solidarity with the citizens of Aden, their political capital, and in particular with the people of Al-Mansoura city, who they say are being attacked by “army of occupation” and Islah Party militias.

The march wound through Mukalla’s main street and moved to the city’s Freedom Square ,where participants held a festival, which was attended by all leaders of the Southern Movement’s Higher Council, including council chairman Hassan Ba-Awm.

Ba-Awm stated that the intensive meetings by members of the council’s administration resulted in important decisions designed to serve the southern people and their cause. He emphasized that all leaders should support the southern people in their efforts to obtain their freedom and independence.