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Benomar concludes visit to Yemen, looks ahead to national conference

National Yemen

Jamal binomer

By NY Staff

Before wrapping up a three-week visit to Yemen, United Nations Special Envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomar held a press conference on Thursday night in Sana’a in which he spoke about the upcoming National Dialogue Conference in November and encouraged the participation of all Yemeni political parties and factions.

Speaking about the two most controversial parties which may participate in the dialogue, Benomar said, “Contacts have been made with all the parties, including the Southern Movement and the Houthis, to join the national dialogue and there is now agreement to begin the preparatory phase.”

Benomar also commended President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi on progress made during the early stages of Yemen’s transitional stage, but pointed out that “obstacles and challenges” lie ahead.

Four steps were cited as necessary to achieve in the country’s near future, and included the formation of a new election committee, passage of the Transitional Justice Law, Military reconstruction, and for new and revised voter registration activities to be conducted.

Based on his two-week visit, Benomar is expected to deliver a report on the state of Yemen on July 17.