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Buhra Caste subjected to security threats

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Buhra Caste

By: Najeeb Al-Ghorbani

Security forces have arrested a 25-year-old man after receiving complaints against him from the Buhra Congregation in Ibb. In the complaint, Buhra Caste officials stated that they were threatened with a suicide operation on the 22nd of the Sha’aban month, when Burha Caste members gather to revive the memory of Arwa Ahmed Al-Solaihee’s death.

Sources stated that the defendant was arrested near the Arwa Mosque, where the celebration is usually held and that he tried to enter a confrontation with security forces using hand grenades.

According to eyewitnesses at Jebla Mountain, an Iraqi man visited the mosque one week before the arrest was made and said that members of the Buhra caste are disbelievers and that there should be a solution for the problem they represent.

After receiving complaints, security forces prevented the Buhra congregation from gathering on the 22nd of Sha’aban to prevent any possible losses.


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  • They made the rules and implement those practically so that other people cannot get confused about how to implement those all rules, and for the purpose that people can understand them in a better way.