Health Minister: poorly-performing doctors to be “seriously dealt with”

National Yemen

Yemeni Minister of Health

By: Abdurrahman Wasel

Minister of Health Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansi has stated that Yemen needs 300 million dollars to reform Yemen’s health sector.

At the inauguration ceremony for one of Sana’a’s private hospitals, Al-Ansi stated that the Ministry of Defense would provide the Ministry of Health with two helicopters for emergency cases. He also noted that his ministry would inaugurate an insurance program over the coming months, which he expected would eventually benefit Yemen’s people and its health institutions.

The Minister of Health stated that they had fixed approximately 60% of the nation’s health problems – those concerned with the poor performance of certain hospitals or doctors. Al-Ansi said those who tarnish the general perception of doctors should be seriously dealt with and added that a team composed of Health Ministry officials, members of the Higher Council and the Hospitals Union would perform field visits to check on the adherence of health institutions to the law.

Yemeni Hospitals Union Chairman Dr. Yahiya Al-Thawr presented the union’s goals and vision to the Health Ministry. General Secretary of the Doctors and Pharmacists’ Union, Dr. Abdulqawi Al-Shameeri also read out the moral rules concerned with a career in the healthcare sector. According to him, those who violate the field’s rules would be punished and prosecuted.


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