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Hilal asks workers for two-week deadline

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Municipality Workers

By: Bushra Al-Ameri

In a meeting with representatives from the Municipality Workers’ Union last week, Capital Secretary Abdul-Qader Hilal asked the workers to give him a two week deadline for their being officially hired.

In response to his request, the Municipality Workers’ Union gave him a full-month deadline to solve their problems and threatened to again restart their strike in case he failed to meet their demand.

However, the strike is ongoing in other governorates, including Aden, Hadhramout, Shabwa and Thamar, as concerned authorities in these areas have been perceived to have done nothing to address the workers’ concerns.

Hilal was appointed by President Hadi to replace Abdurrahman Al-Akwa’a, who had stated his refusal to officially hire the workers.

Meanwhile, to the relief of citizens in the capital city, cleaning workers have resumed their duties in Sana’a, leaving the streets clean following their 12-day strike.

House of Representatives moves to resolve cleaners’ strike

The Yemeni parliament has assigned the services committee to work with concerned authorities on the cleaners’ strike issue.

Representative Ali Abd Rabbo Al-Qadhi said the cleaners shouldn’t be misused and noted that the demonstrations that were launched against the House of Representatives did not include any dark-skinned cleaners, “who are the real workers in this field.”

Al-Qadhi suggested that the House of Representatives, alongside the Civil Service Ministry, choose three to four members to participate in the process of officially hiring the workers.

Representative Mohammed Al-Hazmy stated that the cleaners’ issue was being politicized and demanded that parliament discuss the case and come up with the right decision to prevent a possible environmental disaster.

Representative Abdul-Aziz Al-Jubari said the Reconciliation Government was the only government that dealt fairly with the cleaners and directed that they be officially hired, “which makes the cleaners the winners of the case.”

Al-Jubari stated that parliament has a regulatory, rather than an executive, role.

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