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National Council rejects European pressures on Basindowa

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Yemen Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Ba-Sindwa

By NY Staff

A government source has reported that the National Council has rejected European pressures on their chairman, Mohammed Salem Basindowa, to leave his post as Council Chairman. “The council stated that these pressures should also be applied to President Hadi to leave his position as Vice President and General Secretary of the GPC party,” added the source.

According to the source, European pressure against Basindowa have come as the result of a request by supporters of ousted president Ali AbdullahSaleh’s inside the General People’s Congress to prevent Hadi’s candidacy to be party president.

In a related matter, Basindowa was the recipient of harsh criticism from Representative Mohammed Al-Shaief, a GPC party leader, during a session of the House of Representatives. Al-Shaief screamed that the Prime Minister shouldn’t be a Yemeni Citizen, and that Basindowa really came from Eritrea or Somalia.

During the session, which was attended by the Ministers of Finance, Electricity, Agriculture, and Transportation, Al-Shaief directed harsh criticism against the Minister of Finance, saying he would teach him many life lessons.

The bold statements by Al-Shaief caused the session to come to an end, and caused a number of ministers to depart as an action of protest against his brash words. GPC Party representatives didn’t voice acceptance of Al-Shaief’s statements and instead demanded that he apologize to those he verbally attacked.