Political Analysis

Nu’man: accepting Transitional Justice Law akin to “drinking poison.”

National Yemen

Dr. Yaseen Saeed Numan

By: NY Staff

Yaseen Saeed Nu’man, Secretary General of the Yemeni Socialist Party, has said that removing Saleh from power did not translate into a stable unity and also that the south is in need of political, intellectual and cultural policies to prepare for the National Dialogue Conference, which many Southern people consider to be a problem.

In a statement, Nu’man stressed the seriousness of the southern issue and said it should be dealt with seriously.  According to Nu’man, the former regime created a policy of dividing society. “Though he divided the country, he carried the logo of unity and misled people with it,” he added.  As chairman of the Contact Committee, Nu’man said the National Dialogue Conference represented a significant opportunity for the country, as violence and chaos would be be the only alternative. “If the youth want to continue to apply pressure on the political process, they can do so, but they should facilitate the dialogue process for all sides concerned,” he noted.

Yaseen Saeed said the peaceful revolution regenerated the real meaning of dialogue and produced a culture of acceptance, which can be added to the revolution’s victories.

Nu’man added that the political path reached halfway towards changing the former regime and turned conflicts between revolutionary forces towards dialogue. “This follows attempts by the former regime to destroy and stop the revolution, to kill rebels, giving up Abyan to Al-Qaeda militants, and launching war with Hasaba as part of an effort to drag the country into civil war,” said Nu’man.

Nu’man also said that acceptance of political reconciliation doesn’t translate into acceptance of the Transitional Justice Law. “It’s just like willingly drinking poison,” he said. He also spoke about what he saw as unjustified attacks on the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP), saying the “JMP does not intend to play political games… or else they would have accepted what was proposed for them in 2006.”

The Chairman of the Contact Committee condemned the national attitude regarding the former regime, especially since last September, saying that it justified Saleh’s massacre at Sana’a’s Kentucky Intersection. He also said that Saleh played too many political games and killed and cleared revolutionaries from Taiz’s Freedom Square. “He wanted to do the same thing to the revolutionaries in Sana’a by killing them at Kentucky Intersection.”

He added that the Socialist Party didn’t present itself as a revolutionary alternative and that it revealed the reality of the regime on more than one occasion. Yaseen Nu’man concluded his speech by saying that different political parties could no longer control their members the way they used to. He noted that the parties should give the youth a chance to shape its future and make decisions on its own.