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Springboard program for women honors graduates

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Springboard Graduates

By: NY Staff

On Thursday, the Springboard program for women held a ceremony in Sana’a to honor its newest graduates. The celebration was attended by British Council Projects Manager Rowaida Al-Khulaidi, along with officials from the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training, including Latfia Al-Iryani, head of the women’s department.

Springboard is a leading United Kingdom-based women’s development program, designed by women for women. The program was initiated by the British Council to help Arab women realize their potential and to achieve success both in their personal and professional lives.

This year, all students were from the Technical Education and Vocational Training Ministry. The students were of a variety of ages, and showed that such a program can successfully be applied to women of all ages.

The students expressed a high regard for the course and said they had gained a lot from it. They said they had learned how to let their self-confidence grow and, most importantly, how to set practical goals and work hard to make such goals become a reality.

Furthermore, some of the women said they had learned how to deal with their husbands and children in an effective way through dialogue, and others spoke about new dreams for which they had constructed plans to be able to achieve them.

For her part, trainer Nadia Al-Nouda pointed out that at the beginning of the course, the girls thought in a passive way, but that as they advanced in the course, their positive thinking had improved.

“Now, the girls have the self-confidence necessary to succeed in making their dreams come true,” said Al-Nouda.

Samira Al-Amrani, a trainee, said, “This program is like an excellent doctor, so to speak, who found a rare cure for our wound, which had been bleeding for years.”

Participant Fahmia Hamoud said, “I have always wanted to complete my higher education, but I couldn’t find the time to do so because I have children. But since I started taking this course, I learned how to care for my children effectively, in a way that allows me to pursue my studies.”