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Terrorism expert demands resignation of Interior and Defense Ministers

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Yemen Interior Minister AbdulQader Qahtan

BY NY Staff

Saeed Obaid Al-Jahmi, an expert on terrorist groups, has stated that Yemen’s Interior and Defense Ministers should resign from their positions after having proved incapable of maintaining security in the capital city. Al-Jahmi’s statement comes after a terrorist attack effectively targeted cadets at Sana’a’s Police Academy, killing ten and injuring more than 20.

In his statement, Al-Jahmi said the Interior and Defense Ministries were supposed to take the Al-Qaeda threat seriously. “Al-Qaeda threatened to carry out more bloody terrorist operations against the government and said that the operation at Seventy Meters Square was just a simple message to the government, which completely ignored their statements,” stated Al-Jahmi.

According to him, Al-Qaeda asked the Minister of Defense to closely observe military institutions, as they had members inside who were ready to carry out suicide operations. “Threats this time should not be simply ignored, as they come from a leader in the organization,” he added.

Al-Jahmi went on to say that the general situation in Yemen is very hazardous, as Al-Qaeda has proven that they are able to carry out suicide operations wherever and whenever they want. He added that Wednesday’s operation – which took place in the center of the capital during rush hour – provides clear evidence of Al-Qaeda seriousness.

“If military leaders can’t understand the grave threat posed by Al-Qaeda, they should resign from their posts, because this is what any other ministers in the world would do,” he said. Al-Jahmi stated that if the capital was under constant threat from Al-Qaeda operations, other governorates would be within their reach at any time the organization wanted.

Al-Jahmi considered announcements by authorities regarding the arrests of members of terrorist cells to reflect good efforts by the government, but found himself unsatisfied by such news.

“Though it can be considered a positive improvement, te military institutions still lack necessary strategies to fight Al-Qaeda, which is considered the strongest and most challenging enemy of security in Yemen,” he concluded.

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  • I agreed with Mr. Aljahmi that Mr. Abdulquader Yemen Ministry and Minister of Defense should resign , because right in central of Capital of Sanaa happen twice not one . You should responsibility for the dead of the military , the police , and the civilian , you have lack of experience , professional , and your position was unfit . I feel a shame with your lack of communication and central intelligent you should step down to save more life. This is my thought , not offense .