What is the what?

The unhealthy advancement of continuous suicide bombings which target members of the military, individuals, facilities and, most recently, police academy cadets has left a big question mark looming in everybody’s mind.

Unfortunately, such sad incidents are happening more and more often. Strong neglect has met the serious threat Al-Qaeda militants have posed, with the latter going so far as to issue a direct threat to the government on their website a month ago – a direct threat which included a shift in strategy, with the militants’ offensive to be directed against Sana’a and other particular cities in Yemen.

Only 44 days after the Al-Sabeen suicide bombing, which left around a hundred soldiers dead and many more confined to hospital beds…

Both attacks left in their wake something like a game played with cards – gambling not for chips, but for the right to say ‘I was right…and you were wrong.’ Saleh media loyalists have appeared to place blame on the transitional government’s weakness, while another group has rallied around the idea of getting the international community to kick Saleh and his family out of the country.

Plain and simple, it’s wrong to concentrate your angry thoughts on your political enemy while your true enemy is ready and willing – even anxious – to target both of you, and without any notions of mercy.

There are also the continuous assassinations of political and military figures. With the targeting of groups of people in public gatherings also appearing to be a waiting possibility, many people share the thought that Yemen’s future may not be that far off from those of countries like Iraq and Somalia.

A decree from President Hadi to ban weapons in the capital city and other cities would help – decrees such as the one which removed Saleh’s nephew from his National Security position following the Al-Sabeen massacre. The same applies to sheikhs and any number of so-called VIPs. Their weapons must be put away. We must do all we can to avoid an ignominious fate, even while terrorists’ bombs explode around us at ever-increasing rates.