Yemen expected to join WTO in 2012

National Yemen


By: NY Staff

Yemen is expected to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2012 after a number of negotiations which have taken place from the year 2000 on. Over the past few years, a group was assigned to work on the issue of Yemen’s joining the organization. The group looked at whether Yemeni trade laws were compatible with those of the WTO.

Ukraine stood in constant opposition to Yemen joining the trade organization and effectively provided obstacles to the latter’s entrance. The Ukrainian government required prominent diplomats to interfere and promote Yemen’s entrance. The Ukrainian trade envoy told Reuters that his country wanted guarantees from those who wished to join the WTO that customs fees for agricultural and metal goods would be reduced.

“Our country is interested in importing metal goods to Yemen, which would help Yemen improve its infrastructure and its industrial sector,” he added.

In a related matter, the WTO issued a document stating that member countries had agreed on new, less stringent membership standards for countries with weak economies, including Yemen, Sudan and Afghanistan. The document provided for standards being made easier for poorer countries to join. Also, all countries with the veto right could reject new countries’ entrance until the latter agreed on trade rules, especially those related to customs fees.