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Turkish Ambassador to Sana'a

By: Asma Al-mohattwari
Turkish ambassador Fazli Corman held a press conference at his residence last week to introduce Dr. Farooq Bozgoz as Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agenc’y (TIKA) representative in Yemen
Corman started his speech by saying the media should focus on the good things happening in Yemen and not only the bad news. “When I arrived in Yemen, I developed a positive agenda and have tried to encourage other to adopt a more optimistic approach towards the country’s problems,” he said.
He went on to say to journalists in attendance, “Don’t underestimate your power as member of the press. You have a large role, and power to influence public opinion,” he added.
Concerning Yemen’s National Dialogue, Corman said he was following the development of the Communication Committee. “We are so happy that the Property Committee was announced. Such steps are actually accomplished one by one, through overcoming all obstacles,” he said.
Dr. Faruk Bozgoz, a professor in Sana’a University’s Turkish Department, said the strategic connections between Yemen and Turkey, both historical and religious, provide a strong indication of the ability of the two countries to effect unprecedented change in bilateral relations between the two, and create a true economic and trade partnership.
“We are Turkish International cooperation and coordination agency with relations with the Turkish Prime Minister, who is well aware of the depth of relations with Yemen, so we tried to open the TIKA Office in Sana’a, the capital of the Republic of Yemen, in order to develop bilateral relations,” he said.
On the international level, TIKA concerns itself with a number of social infrastructure services, including those in the fields of education and health. It also works with economic infrastructure services such as transportation and with the areas of energy, production and the media.
Among TIKA’a achievements in Yemen, Bozgoz discussed three dialysis centers of dialysis, and how some 400 Yemeni patients had so far been sent to Turkey for medical treatment. “We will send one hundred and fifty more patients to Turkey and will train fifty Yemeni doctors in several medical specialties and surgical procedures over five months,” he said.
TIKA will also furnish the Turkish Yemeni Institute with tools, machines and other equipment. Moreover, TIKA opened a Turkish section at Sana’a University.
“Yemen and Turkey are two in one. If one complained, the other would care of it,” Dr. Bozgoz said.

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