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Puntland forces confiscate weapons sent from Al-Qaeda in Yemen

A Puntland government official has said that military police confiscated a boat on the sea which was smuggling weapons from Yemeni Al-Qaeda fighters to Somali Shabab fighters.

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By YN Staff

Mr. Said Mohammed Rajah, Minister of Ports and Piracy Prevention in Puntland, an independent state in northeastern Somalia, said his government forces overtook the boat and arrested a Yemeni onboard.

Rajah said the boat contained explosive materials and weapons, RPGs, and other military equipment which was being smuggled to the Shabab extremist group in southern Somalia.

Al-Qaeda affiliates and the extremist movement Shabab, both powerful and well-armed groups, announced a marriage of sorts at the beginning of 2012.

Government officials in Puntland expressed strong concerns over violence which might shift from Yemen to its lands, which sit opposite the Gulf of Aden Sea.