Ramadan a cause for reflection and resolutions

AbdulRahman Shamlan

Year after year, time flies by like the blink of an eye; in the time being, however, our dreams remain out of reach. Two years ago, I remember telling friends that next year circumstances would be completely different. Unfortunately, we are still going around in the same circle.

Accounts are very busy making calculations and companies taking stock of yearly profits. We too should be engrossed these days with taking stock of our deeds and accomplishments over the past year.

Let’s think for a moment and reflect on the resolutions we made last year and whether they met with success. If yes, that’s great; but if we failed, it means we had shortcomings, either in planning or in execution, if not in both. We should figure out the faults and then correct them; by doing so, we should notice changes very soon in our lives.

Not only is Ramadan a reminder; it’s also an occasion for forging new resolutions for the next year. But if we want our resolutions to bear fruit, we must make them realistic and achievable. By that, I mean we shouldn’t make fancy resolutions where we expect reach the roof without climbing any steps. We should rather plan out the steps that will lead us to the realization of our dreams.

For me, many of the resolutions I made last year have not yet been achieved yet. I believe this is mainly due to the country’s current situation and owes also to a lack of realistic approaches.

Despite all of that, I have no doubt whatsoever that the future is going to be bright and beautiful and that good days will soon come and wipe out the sufferings of both the past and present. I have no doubt that someday all my dreams will be realized. I have a gut feeling that that day is not far off.

Let’s keep hope alive that tomorrow will be better and that things will look up. Hope and optimism have always proved essential to the realization of dreams.