Yemeni Businesswomen’s Activation and Rehabilitation Project

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A side of the guests of Yemeni Businesswomen launch

BY NY Staff

The Yemen Businessmen’s Club, in cooperation with the Enterprise Development Agency, launched the Yemeni Businesswomen’s Activation and Rehabilitation Project last week.

Minister of Industry and Trade Saad Al-Din Ibn Talib, who is sponsoring the project, said that Yemeni women have the efficiency, ability and will to perform their duties as one half of society, and referred to the excellent marks annually received by female students.

Ibn Talib commended the Yemeni Businessmen’s Club, which aims to improve Yemeni society and foster economic and social development, and stressed the need for society’s rehabilitation and for both men and women to work to their personal capacities.

For ibn Talib, the project concerns a fundamental pillar of economic contribution. He encouraged women to contribute to society’s economic construction and development.

Yousef Al-Kuorimi, Secretary General of the Yemeni Businessmen’s Club, said he hoped the project would introduce a new phase to enhance the role and status of Yemeni businesswomen in building the national economy along with men.

Al-Kuorimi stressed that negative cultural understandings stand apart from the essence of Islam and precluded the economic advancement and empowerment of women. He said, “Yemeni women have, in recent years, been able to move confidently into, and actively participate in, many important areas of society, including the worlds of finance and business.”

During the inauguration ceremony, a number of successful businesswomen shared their own business experiences, and also about how they managed and balanced their other roles as mothers and wives.


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