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Al-Yadoomi denies fight between Islah Party and Houthis

National Yemen

Mohammed Al-Yadoomi, leader in Islah Party


By: NY Staff

Mohammed Al-Yadoomi, Chairman of the Islah Party’s Higher Institution, has stated that the revolution achieved one aspect of its goals by removing now-former president Ali Abdullah Saleh and other figures from power and the coming period will see other goals meet with success. “The revolution will only be complete when the transitional period is complete and after parliamentary and presidential elections have been carried out,” he added. In response to news reports that Saleh’s son Ahmed Ali intends to run in the presidential elections, Al-Yadoomi said the revolution made it impossible for people to again accept the rule of a killer.

Al-Yadoomi denied Islah party participation in the war against Houthis in Sa’ada in past years, saying that he had tried to convince all sides to seek reconciliation rather than take part in the conflict. “These wars were nothing but family disputes where one member of a family wanted to keep his positions under the slogan of maintaining the country’s security while the other wanted to rule the country under the name of religion,” he added. According to him, the Houthis were created by Ali Abdullah Saleh, who Yadoomi said introduced them following the Iranian Revolution; from there, they began spreading their influence throughout Sa’ada governorate. “What happened in Sa’ada was merely an intellectual case,” he continued. “Ideas can’t be beaten by bullets, but by better ideas.”

Regarding relations between Islah and the Houthis, Al-Yadoomi stated that there is no conflict. He added that any relations with Ali Saleh were dependent on Yemen’s interests, and not on personal or partisan interests. “We did not have a good relationship with him since the beginning of his rule the country and we went through periods of disruption, the last of which leaving us feeling like he could no longer fix the situation,” he added.

Al-Yadoomi stated that President Hadi understands that he can’t be that tyrant president, and also that he should be a president who is there to serve his people. He added that they trust the president and will stand by his side until all the revolution’s goals have been reached.

Al-Yadoomi considered attacks against the Islah party to be natural reactions from those who lost authority in Yemen because of the revolution. In this regard, he rejected widespread statements that the revolution had been stolen by parties attempting to gain authority and influence. Regarding the GCC initiative, Al-Yadoomi stated that it prevented Yemen from descending into civil violence and thanked the GCC countries for proposing the initiative which helped remove Saleh from a position of authority.

He also stressed the JMP’s role during the youth revolution and said Yemen would need the JMP for the next ten years. “We are going to be committed to the results of the National Dialogue Conference,” he said. He finally called on Yemenis to have patience and wisdom until the revolution had achieved all its goals.