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Another University needed in Sana’a

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Sana'a University crowded with students

By: NY Staff

President of Sana’a University Dr. Ahmed Ba-Sarda has demanded that the government establish another public university in the capital to reduce pressures faced by the original university. He added that the university receives a higher number of students than its capacity allows for, and stated that land in Sana’a’s Madhbah district had already been specified for a new university.

Ba-Sarda stated that the university had been working on giving teaching staff their own dormitories in different parts of the capital and denied statements that land belonging to the university was being given to members of the teaching staff.

He suggested that the teaching staff contact concerned authorities to specify land for them that is indisputable and also that they meet with the president to quickly get his approval. In addition, he called on members of the teacher’s union to cooperate with the university president in overcoming the difficult situation the university is currently passing through. He asked the teaching staff to protect the university from possible collapse, and to understand the difficulties that excessive numbers of high school graduates joining the university place on the institution.

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  • I think the decision of establishing anew university is a good decision. Education play a very important role in every countrys success and without education we cannot succeed. So we should focus on education. This is a good website.