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Minister Al-Mekhlafi accuses GPC of restricting Transitional Justice Law

National Yemen

Mohammed Al-Mekhlafi, Minister of Legal Affairs

By: NY Staff

Minister of Legal Affairs Mohammed Al-Mekhlafi has accused the GPC party – which is led by Ali Abdullah Saleh – of restricting application of the Transitional Justice Law. Al-Mekhlafi denied that the law might cause further states of political crisis in Yemen, especially after the former president threatened to remove ministers from the GPC party if it was issued. In addition, he belittled Saleh’s threats, said he didn’t take them seriously, and added that they don’t reflect the opinion of the GPC ministers.

In this regard, Al-Mekhlafi stated that there was no contradiction between the Transitional Justice Law and the Judicial Immunity Law Saleh and his followers were granted. “The Transitional Justice Law seeks to achieve fairness and justice for all people while the Immunity Law seeks forgiveness,” he added.

According to Al-Mekhlafi, Saleh’s fear of the law is unjustified, as the Immunity Law has already been granted. He added that involved figures cannot be prosecuted unless they happened to commit crimes after having been granted immunity.