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Preparations underway for “Our Eid Is Different” festival

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Festival of Our Eid is Different

By: NY Staff

The Al-Nawader Band is currently preparing for the eighth annual “Our Eid is Different” festival under the title “Our Eid is Different and Yemen Will Be Fine Forever.” Band president Nader Al-Madhhaji stated that this season’s festival would be inaugurated at Al-Sabeen Park in the capital on the second day of Eid, in cooperation with Al-Janateen Band.

He added that the festival aims to foster social awareness of and about the various social issues outside of from politics that have “exhausted” Yemenis. “We seek to enhance the sense of principles of national loyalty and reject all aspects of extremism which may threaten the country’s civilization,” he noted.

The festival has received a great deal of encouragement by Ameen Jama’an, Secretary of the Secretaria, and is being sponsored by the General Institution for Telecommunications