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Al-Hitar: Interior Ministry infiltration a first step in “overthrowing” Hadi

National Yemen

Judge Hamoud Al-Hitar

By: NY Staff

Judge Hamoud Al-Hitar has said he considered the recent infiltration of the Interior Ministry by armed men to represent a first move in an attempt to overthrow President Hadi and his National Reconciliation Government. Al-Hitar stated that the incident amounted to the first event in a counter-revolution.

“The Interior Minister was not targeted in person, but the actions targeted the president and the government and was a test of the government’s ability to fight back,” said Al-Hitar.

Al-Hitar called on security forces to stand by the Yemeni people and keep national security and stability separate from personal disputes. In addition, he demanded the formation of a committee to investigate what happened at the Interior Ministry, for facts to be revealed and for individuals to be referred for prosecution.

“The government must also improve conditions for soldiers,” he added.

In this regard, Interior Minister Abdulqader Qahtan stated that the attacks against the ministry aimed to drag Yemen into a further cycle of violence. According to media outlets, the Yemeni government has dedicated meetings to discussing the recent events at the Interior Ministry, including the looting of equipment accompanied by gunfire.

Government officials have stressed the necessity of dealing with the defendants seriously to prevent similar attempts elsewhere. Officials also stated that the GCC Initiative and its implementation mechanism must hold strong amid such actions against government institutions.