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Drug smuggling sharply increasing in Haradh

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Map for Yemeni border cities

By: NY Staff

Gangs specializing in smuggling and hashish trading have expanded their presence in the border towns of Haradh and Meedi and have also begun making concerted efforts to attract citizens to work with them. Available evidence indicates an absence of efforts by security forces to fight the growing problem.

According to local sources, smugglers carrying drugs who are arrested at military checkpoints drugs are soon released on bail. “They [the smugglers] work in cooperation political figures in the country,” stated a local source.

The source added that “Houthis in Sa’ada work with the smugglers, as well as with other groups in Haradh, Meedi, Abs and in other governorates.”

“They smuggle drugs in every possible way, including by sea, land, and by men and women traveling into Saudi Arabia in luxurious cars,” a local source added. Houthi interests in working with the smugglers include money and benefits associated with smuggling into and out of Saudi Arabia.

Experts believe these border towns should be more closely watched by central and intelligence forces.