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Human Rights Watch calls for investigation of Houthis

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Man was detained and tortured by Houthis receiving treatment in Sana'a hospitals

By:NY Staff

Human Rights Watch activist Abdurrasheed Al-Faqeeh has called for the formation of a committee to investigate complaints by citizens who have suffered human rights violations in Sa’ada governorate. Al-Faqeeh said that he visited three people in a hospital in Sana’a who had been detained and brutally tortured by Houthis.

According to Al-Faqeeh, the three citizens had been taken from their homes last week by gunmen affiliated with Houthis and were then tortured for two days.

“They were released when their families guaranteed that they would not pursue any political or social response,” he added.

Al-Faqeeh stated that Human Rights Watch had received many complaints from people in Sa’ada who said they suffer from human rights violations by Houthis and also that he had documented cases of illegal executions.

Four other citizens were reportedly tortured by Houthis and referred to hospitals in the capital for treatment. The citizens claimed they had been detained and tortured because they practiced the Taraweeh prayer during Ramadan.