Local News

Suicide bomber cancels terror mission


By: NY Staff

Local sources in Abyan have said that prominent Al-Qaeda leaders plan to carry out terrorist attacks both inside and outside the governorate. Al-Qaeda members are reportedly currently residing in caves a short distance from the governorate.

A local source also reported that a suicide bomber refrained from carrying out an attack against a British government location.

“The suicide bomber was wearing an explosive belt wrapped around his waist, but he didn’t complete his mission and instead surrendered to embassy security guards with a demand that he be saved from [Al-Qaeda affiliate] Ansar Al-Sharia.”

In other news, conflicts have arisen in Ja’ar city between public militias, resulting in the death of a citizen. Abyan deputy governor Ahmed Al-Rahawi has stated that the current security situation in Abyan stands to encourage Ansar Al-Sharia to regroup and again seize the city.