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Al-Qaeda able to regain control of Abyan “within a single hour”

National Yemen

Al-Qaeda fighters in Abyan province

By: Yahiya Al-Sudmi

Sheikh Naser Abdullah Al-Mansary, Secretary General of Khanfa directorate’s local council – has stated that the security situation in Abyan governorate is bad. He warned of Al-Qaeda’s ability to regain control over the governorate within a single hour.

“People are afraid of Al-Qaeda’s regaining control over their directorates at any time, especially since the Interior Minister failed to fulfill his promises to secure them. The Minister of Interior didn’t deploy the number of soldiers that were needed and now all we are left with [in Khanfa directorate] is five soldiers after four were killed in an attack,” said Al-Mansary.

He added that the Interior Minister was supposed to send First Armored Division soldiers to secure their directorate instead of “using them to suppress the rescue police protest.”

According to Al-Mansary, Al-Qaeda militants continue to reside in the directorate’s center and villages, and 100 foreigners connected with the terrorist organization recently lived in Aafar district near Ba-Taes.

He further noted that authorities know how dangerous the situation is in the directorate but that they are unwilling to send security reinforcements.